Welcome to Digital Greeting Cards

digital greeting cards

Welcome to Digital Greeting Cards. A new fun way of sending a greeting card.

We have all love giving and receiving Greeting cards to our friends and family, as well as work colleagues. Now you can have more fun with Smartphones and QR codes, send a birthday card with a personalised recording.

Choose from a wide range of digital or physical greeting cards, then personalise your card with text and a QR code

For example, the Back to the Birthday Card above has a QR code that plays a recording. This is best viewed on a computer or laptop, so you can scan the QR code. Then you can hear the impression of Doc Brown from Back To The Future. Most of our greeting cards can be personalised, so you can have some fun with them. Video greeting as well, tag your friends on Instagram or TikTok.

Change any of the text on the front of the invitation

Your script can be up to 50 words, for the recording

They are printed in large sizes as well 8×6, printed on 350 gsm card stock

Some greeting cards are digital, cutting down on transport, printing and helping the environment.

As well as digital greeting cards, we also sell a range physical greeting cards. New digital cards and invitations will be added all the time, be sure to check back to the website for our latest designs.